Media-Fall 2020

After watching each recording, we encourage you to answer the questions provided.  If you’re listening on your own, these questions are still beneficial to work through.  However, we still encourage you to share your responses with someone that could provide you accountability and encouragement.

Victory Over Sin (10-13-20)

1—What is your response to the following? “Anytime we give into temptation we have absolutely been fooled. Fooled into thinking that whatever we give into will satisfy us. Fooled into thinking that our justification for the sin will hold up before God. Fooled into thinking that there won’t be a consequence, whether sooner or later.”

2—How has your outlook on sin and temptation been challenged or changed based on things you’ve heard tonight?

3—How have you used scripture to help you battle against temptations in your own life?

4—What other things have helped you in your struggle with temptations?  What advice might you offer to those who feel as if they can’t overcome the temptations in their own lives?

Old vs. New (10-6-20)

1—If you were talking to someone who is not a Christian, what might you say to help them understand the benefit or importance of being free from the power and reign of sin?

2—For you personally, what is one thing that most often gets in the way of your full commitment to God?  What steps can you take to helping that change?

3—What verse or statement stood out to you the most?  Why?

4 Benefits of Salvation (9-22-20)

1—Looking back at Romans 5:3-5, how different is your outlook toward the difficulty you’ve faced in your own life?  How can these verse help you to view things differently?

2—Can you think of at least one example of God’s love that He pours into your life each day?

3—What does God’s gift of eternal life through Jesus mean to you?

4—Realizing each of the benefits mentioned tonight are great, which one stands out to you as being particularly impactful? Why?

Faith Alone (9-15-20)

1—The concept of faith can often seem abstract, and a little hard to explain or comprehend. So, how would you DEFINE faith?  And what illustrations or explanations have you heard that have helped you or others better UNDERSTAND what faith is?

2—The Jews struggled with the idea of faith alone being what provided right standing with God. Because of that they put too much emphasis on their heritage, the law, and religious ceremonies to help them feel as if they could earn it.  How are we similar?  What ways do people (Christians or non-Christians) try to earn God’s favor instead of trusting in faith alone?

3—What next step do you need to take in regard to what you’ve heard tonight? (Sift through your own questions or hesitancies toward faith in Jesus? Accept Jesus as Savior? Take specific steps to grow in your faith? Be willing to share my faith with others? Or something else?)

A Lot to be Thankful For (9-8-20)

1—Being completely honest, how much gratitude do you tend to have toward what God has offered us through Jesus?  How do you think that impacts your relationship with Jesus on a daily basis?  What might help you to improve in this area?

2—Of the three points that we discussed tonight, which one stood out the most to you?  Why?

A Message to Tell (9-1-20)

1—Looking back at the verses we read tonight, were there any particular verses that stood out to you the most? If so, why?

2—Being honest, do you feel an urgency to share the good news of Christ with others?  Why or Why not?

Inconvenience (8-25-20)

1—What is one thing that stood out the most for you from tonight’s teaching? Why?

2—What distractions or tendencies could make the difference between you living to please Jesus or you living to please yourself this semester?

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