L.I.F.E. Groups

L.I.F.E. Groups


Make plans to participate in one of our topic-driven, short-term small groups throughout the semester.  The goal of these groups is to help you…
Llove God,
Iinvest in others,
Ffocus on Biblical living, and
Eequip yourself to tell.


Our Men’s L.I.F.E. Group and Women’s L.I.F.E. Group will each have 2 different 6-week sessions throughout the semester. 

Session 1 – January 30th-March 5th
Thursdays, 7pm-9pm 

Men’s L.I.F.E. Group
Topic: Don’t Waste Your Life
Location: 1191 Stanton St.

Women’s L.I.F.E. Group
Topic: Living in the Light of the Gospel
Location: 3303 Jon St.

Session 2 -April 2nd-May 7th
Thursdays, 7pm-9pm 

Topics and locations for both men’s and women’s groups will be announced as the date gets closer.

Love God

Invest in others

Focus on Biblical Living

Equip yourself to tell

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